Our story

Together, we’re accelerating transformation toward sustainable agricultural supply chains.

An initiative launched by Quantis in 2018, geoFootprint was built collaboratively in partnership with more than 25 public, private and academic stakeholders.

It was developed with the idea that spatially-explicit footprints, calculated at global scale, would facilitate our capacity to measure, understand and monitor how different agricultural practices can accelerate the transition toward more sustainable food, fiber and material production systems.

With financial support from EIT Climate-KIC and leading agrifood companies, as well as advisory inputs from global organizations and academic experts, geoFootprint was developed by Quantis in partnership with arx iT and the Cool Farm Alliance.

To enhance public knowledge on sustainable agriculture, the team created an open-access version of geoFootprint that makes solid environmental data of key commodity crops accessible to non-expert audiences, students or actors that may not otherwise have access to this information.

See geoFootprint in action

Core partners

Developed by Quantis in partnership with arxIT and Cool Farm Alliance, supported by EIT Climate-KIC and corporate funders.

Corporate and expert advisors

The multi-stakeholder initiative included 25+ corporate, public, global, academic and non-profit organizations.